Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Horoscope For Today - 01 June 2020

Examine your emotions, Leo, and trust your instincts. Unexpected forces may disrupt your preferred flow of things. Know that you'll have no problem keeping the situation under control as long as you stay solid and focused. Your actions today will have long-lasting effects, so be conscious of how you use your energy. Incorporate the old as well as the new in your game plan.

Leo Tomorrow Horoscope

Love and romance are likely to be tops on your agenda today, Leo. You're feeling especially warm and loving now. Current and potential love partners could feel strongly drawn to you. Children might also prove a source of happiness and satisfaction. If you're artistically inclined, this is the day to start or finish an enterprise, which could well lead to fame and fortune. This should be a wonderful day.

Leo Yesterday Horoscope

Try to feel at ease today, Leo. Remember that inner peace is a big part of your health, and maintaining that baseline is critical during a pandemic. Find peace through reflection and a quiet review of where you are in life. Instead of focusing on material things, concentrate more on your emotional state. Others are likely to feel sensitive and weepy as well, so have them join you in this exercise.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Your social sector continues to look lively with the sun newly in this sector bringing opportunities to connect and unwind. Still, with it in inquisitive Gemini, you may find yourself involved in all kinds of activities as your curiosity leads you to explore further. This can be a peak time to make new friends and move in new circles.Luscious Venus will continue retrograde in this sector for some while yet, so it might be best to not get too involved in the romantic sense. Someone could capture your attention, but with Venus in reverse, you might question the relationship a little too much and put it in jeopardy. Take your time getting to know this person and you’ll intuit whether they’re suitable for you or not.On Thursday, messenger Mercury moves into a more secluded sector of your chart where it can connect you to your intuitive knowing and encourage you to write down your dreams. It’s worth looking into them because they could contain valuable guidance.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

The world has changed, and it’s changing again this month, but this is your test to be steadfast in the face of changing times.With the sun transiting Taurus for the first three weeks, you’re in the public eye and on top of your game professionally. On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, bringing important professional developments and opportunities.A situation peaks on the seventh, bringing to the forefront a domestic situation and matters surrounding your sense of security. Consciously rise above insecurities, release past baggage, and let go of what prevents you from reaching for your goals.On May 10, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, drawing you to reassess boundaries in your relationships. In some cases, it might mean lowering your guard so you can allow in more of the support you need.Mercury enters Gemini on the eleventh, followed the next day by Mars entering Pisces and Venus turning retrograde in Gemini. You might have a conversation with a friend or learn information that shows you another side to a person or situation. But avoid jumping to conclusions and be patient. There’s more to the story.Also, a financial situation is heating up, as is an intimate connection. In all cases, it's never wise to invest more than you can afford to lose, and everything comes at a cost. Choose your friends wisely, and let go of attachments to money, fame, power struggles, or how something plays out. Then you can navigate a situation consciously. Something you've wished for is not out of reach.On May 14, Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn, bringing to the forefront a work, health, or life situation. You’ve been working hard over the past few years. This is a chance to take a big step back, slow down, and discover what brings you the greatest sense of joy, purpose, and reward daily, rather than some distant idea of success.The sun enters Gemini on the twentieth, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, marking a whole new beginning for your friendships and your hopes, dreams, and wishes, liberating you to reach for your dreams.Standout days: 4, 10, 17, 22Challenging days: 3, 7, 10, 20

Leo Year 2020 Horoscope

Be the best Lion you can be in 2020! You love basking in attention so it’s only fitting that your ruler is the ego-boosting sun. When 2020 begins the sun is in earthy, responsible Capricorn, so you’ll find yourself doing things for the sense of accomplish more than the glory. That all changes by the end of July, however, when the sun moves into your flashy sign and welcomes in your birthday month. Happy birthday expressive, creative Leo! Your mood is outgoing and playful, and you crave strong reactions to your antics. For the next four weeks you’re the life of the party, and you add the color and drama that’s been missing from your loved ones’ lives. The emotional moon is the yin to the sun’s egotistical yang, so the new Cancer moon/solar eclipse at the end of June is also enlightening for you, Leo. This highly reflective time brings some uncomfortable emotional topics to the surface that you won’t be able to hide from, and it might feel as though you aren’t yourself. Your personality can’t ever truly be blocked, as the sun is now by the moon, but it can be subdued. Take a clue from this relatively somber time and make room for new emotional beginnings. Wounded Chiron is also traveling in driven Aries (who rules the first house of self and is a fellow fire sign) this year - which can throw you full on into “who am I?” mode. An identity crisis is one of your worst nightmares and can put a lot of stress on your ego. Luckily you get a break from this angsty energy between the beginning of July and middle of December, when this troubling pair goes retrograde and gives you some room to remember who you truly are.