Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Horoscope For Today - 01 June 2020

You might want to stay in and not speak to anyone today, Gemini. If you decide to put on your facemask and go out for some exercise, you could run into opposition wherever you turn. Don't see this as negative. Use it as incentive to work harder toward your goals. There are strong forces egging you on, so act confidently. Find a way to release your pent-up emotions, or they'll do you more harm than good.

Gemini Tomorrow Horoscope

Today you're likely focused on sex, romance, and committed relationships. The planetary energies surrounding love are promising, Gemini. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner could make plans to embark on a new enterprise together, which is likely to succeed. If you're involved but not committed, expect the relationship to move forward now. If you aren't with someone, who knows? By the end of the day you might be.

Gemini Yesterday Horoscope

Today you'll feel as though your energy has come home, Gemini. Living in lockdown has played into your tendency to hide at home when you aren't feeling 100 percent yourself. While lockdown might still be with us, you're now feeling much better and ready to take on the world. Your emotions are in line with your actions, and that brings great clarity. You know the route you want to take. The path is obvious.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

The focus on your sign continues to give you an advantage because you’ll likely have more energy and confidence to move ahead with key plans. Your willpower could also increase, especially if you’re doing something that has personal meaning for you.This can also be an opportunity to enhance your image. And with sweet Venus currently retrograde, you might be ready for something that is a marked change from your present look.Chatty Mercury moves into Cancer and your money zone on Thursday, so this is a good time to apply some logic to your financial situation and get things in order if they aren’t already.Still, you’ll be more attuned to your feelings, and because of this you could be tempted by items that might boost your mood. If you want to soothe difficult emotions, though, consider going for a long walk in nature to help you feel more relaxed and less needy.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

The sun is in Taurus as you enter the month. This is the time of year when you go underground to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate before the sun enters your sign. This May, especially, there’s a sense of a domino effect of developments unfolding (on the surface and behind the scenes), asking you to dig deep as you search your soul.On May 4, the sun meets your ruling planet Mercury, bringing intuitive messages, insights, communications through your dreams, or perhaps inside information. Trust a hunch. As the Scorpio full moon aligns on the seventh, you’re at the end of a cycle at work, bringing changes in your routines, or there might be health issues calling for your attention. You don’t have all the answers, but you’re learning what you need to know. Take things a day at a time and your next steps can be revealed.On May 10, Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius, bringing a change in direction or perhaps a detour. Don’t resent this. When one door closes, another opens. Keep an open mind and you can be shown a better way forward. This is an ideal time to reevaluate your long-term goals, allowing you to make the necessary course corrections.Mercury enters Gemini on the eleventh, putting you back in your element. You’re finding your voice and learning information, bringing you choices. Venus has been in your sign since April, and she stations retrograde on May 12, the same day that Mars enters Pisces. A professional situation is heating up and presenting you with juicy opportunities. Take the time to clarify your ambitions. Remember, this isn’t just about success or your public image. This is about your authenticity and the ability to be wholly yourself as you chase your passion. You have a lot to offer the world and a lot of love to give, but you have to learn to love yourself first.Jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth, bringing powerful changes in your relationships, especially those that involve sex and money. Dig deeper for your values surrounding commitment, marriage, and intimacy. This is also an ideal time to clear debts and back taxes. Let go of the emotional baggage that prevents you from receiving support and deepening intimacy in your connections.The sun enters Gemini on May 20, and two days later the Gemini new moon brings a passionate, personal new start. Who are you? What do you want? Where are you going? Who are you going with? Make time for self-reflection, and then you can move forward confidently and make choices that reflect your inner truth.Standout days: 4, 10, 12, 22Challenging days: 3, 10, 20, 22

Gemini Year 2020 Horoscope

Connect with yourself and others on a higher level this year. Mercury is your ever-logical, perceptive ruler, and as one of the fastest moving planets it changes signs quickly. It seems like everyone’s on the lookout for Mercury’s dreaded retrograde cycles, and because it’s your ruler, you should pay extra close attention. Not that you’re going to let them slow you down too much, but this year the three periods between February 6 and March 9, June 17 and July 11, and October 13 and November 2 are all dates to be aware of. It’s also important to note that all three retrogrades pass through emotional water signs, which advise you to slow down when dealing with the obstacles like miscommunications, misunderstandings and commuting mishaps. This will be challenging for you, Gemini, but you can do it. The sun drifts through your airy sign from the end of May until the end of June, signifying a mentally alert time when you’re able to communicate and exchange ideas freely. Happy birthday curious, perceptive Gemini! You’re at your most perceptive now, so you’ll notice things that others ignore. Mercury is also the planet that’s linked to sibling relationships, and what better time to reconnect with a brother or sister than your birthday month? Whether you text each other several times a day or haven’t seen one another in years, strengthening your bond is possible now It's time to tune in to details at the end of August as the sun enters Virgo, the other sign that Mercury governs. Health issues will be key now, too, especially stomach/intestinal issues, which you should tend to quickly. Listen to your body and at the very least get a physical to rule out more serious ailments.