Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope For Today - 01 June 2020

Today you have the ability to make an important breakthrough in something you've been working on, Capricorn. Try not to get bogged down by emotions, which may leave you feeling heavy and stale. Infuse the day with a blast of unconventional thinking. Adopt a fresh attitude toward whatever it is you want to accomplish. A new perspective is all you need to make this day productive.

Capricorn Tomorrow Horoscope

Creative inspiration could come from deep within today, Capricorn. Visions, dreams - anything that excites your imagination - could bring ideas for new projects. You might also find that your understanding of others greatly increases, attracting new and old friends. The only downside is you could get so lost in ideas that you temporarily lose touch with the material world. Try to keep a foot in both camps.

Capricorn Yesterday Horoscope

Like playing a game of chess, think carefully about your next move, Capricorn. Maybe your opponent is taking a long time to make their next move. If you let impatience force your hand, you could make your decision too hastily. Feel free to take as much time as you need. The other person may already be thinking two or three moves ahead of you. Staying calm and focused will help you concentrate.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

The presence of the sun in your lifestyle zone brings a chance to look at your wellness routines with a view toward making a few changes. If you feel that a personal trainer or health professional could assist you, it might be worth connecting with one for some in-depth advice. Even so, you might be in the mood to gather information about an issue that concerns you. It’s certainly better to be well prepared and have an action plan.Delectable Venus continues retrograde in the same zone, and her presence here can encourage you to consider how well you’re looking after yourself. Do you make time for self-care, nutritious meals, and relaxation, or are you always in a hurry? The answer could be very revealing.Talkative Mercury moves into Cancer and your sector of relating on Friday and connects with the point of destiny. A conversation could take a relationship to a new level and change your connection with this person in a positive way.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Your ruler Saturn entered Aquarius at the end of March, marking a whole new chapter and drawing your attention to matters of emotional and financial security.As you enter May, the sun is in Taurus, drawing you out of your comfort zone. On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, bringing a heart’s desire to light. You’re at the end of a cycle asking you to let go of aspirations you’ve outgrown or the need for validation from society, peers, and friends as you reach for a dream.A significant day arrives as Saturn stations retrograde on the tenth. This is a chance to reevaluate your finances, budget, commitments, and where you invest your time, money, and energy. It might mean cutting back in some cases or perhaps learning that you have more breathing room than you think. But either way, this is a chance to dig beyond your bank balance and relationship status for your values and integrity and invest your energy in what truly matters.Mercury enters Gemini on May 11, and the next day Mars enters Pisces, your communication sector, followed by Venus turning retrograde in Gemini. This is a chance to reconsider your life, work, daily routines, and health, and invest in and prioritize your quality of life above all. You have one life to live, and you must have time to enjoy the life you work so hard for.On the fourteenth, Jupiter stations retrograde in your sign, marking a phase of greater self-discovery. You've grown by leaps and bounds since Jupiter entered your sign in December 2019. This came with growing pains, but you are wiser for your experiences. This is a time to embody and integrate your wisdom.On May 20, the sun enters Gemini, followed by the Gemini new moon two days later, bringing a chance to start over in a situation at work and in your life. You can live a meaningful life that brings you joy and gives back to the world in a significant way. Give to what matters to you and allow yourself to be inspired. Take things one day at a time and you can heal a situation and create a life you love.Standout days: 4, 10, 22Challenging days: 3, 10, 12, 14, 20

Capricorn Year 2020 Horoscope

Combine the old with the new to be more successful this year. Your home planet Saturn arrived in your practical sign back in December of 2017 and continues that trip for part of this year as well. You should be especially focused on your goals now and may be particularly in tune with your ultimate purpose in life. You must be willing to make changes to meet your full potential, but a hardworking Goat is never afraid to do whatever it takes to climb to the top. Development and progress in all areas of life are possible this year if you focus on yourself and what’s most important. A Saturn retrograde period begins in mid-May, after Saturn has moved into free-thinking Aquarius (back toward the end of March). This retrograde cycle gives you some breathing room and encourages you to look back on the past several months for areas in your life that could use a do-over. The sun visits your disciplined sign at the end of December, so happy birthday ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn! You’re an understated sign who prefers to keep your head down and work toward your goals for the most part, but during your birthday month you might come alive in unexpected ways. Most people might not know you have a wicked sense of humor that you express in a sarcastic tone, or that Christmas is your favorite holiday! Sharing more of yourself with others will broaden your social circle.